Morocco Tour



Limited To 12 People

This is not your typical ‘tour or packaged’ trip, but an intimate and curated journey built from decades of personal travel experience and an overall authentic connection to the communities and cultures we will visit and interact with. There is nothing commercial about these beautiful journeys.

Our tour begins in the ancient city of Marrakesh, spending a few days exploring everything from the winding souks of the old city to the Jardin Majorelle in the newer part of town. We then travel to the Atlas Mountains and the town of Ourazazete, a gateway to the Sahara Desert, where we take walks through the valley surrounded by the beauty of the rugged local landscape - featured in many famous films, as well as a visit to a film studio. Our next stop is the Sahara Desert! … where we spend a few nights in the magical golden desert sands. We will stay in a beautiful hotel on the edge of the desert as well as ride camels at sunset and stay in a desert camp, glamping under the magnificent stars. Returning to the mountains, we spend a few additional nights in a very special spot know for incredible views, and access to hike through the local village and learn about Berber Culture. We complete our journey together on the coast in the quaint and beautiful town of Essaouira, walking the beach and relaxing before we say goodbye!

This journey is led by the wonderful team of Amie, Karim and Samia, who take care of every detail. As our guest, you can relax while exploring and seeing Morocco on a level most do not get to experience. The best part is…  you simply show up and allow us to whisk you away on a journey of a lifetime.

'Traveling in Morocco, which meant visiting North Africa, was a dream of mine—what an exotic sounding place.  With Amie and Samia, I always felt safe and included in the group.  That atmosphere gave me confidence to explore and immerse myself in the trip.  The enthusiasm and generosity of the leaders forged a supportive and inquisitive travel group.  We had fun together while discovering the wonders of the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara!, and the Atlantic.  I came away enriched and appreciative of the apparently easy-going nature of the leaders even though there was much planning and many arrangements in the background!  I highly recommend traveling with Samia and Amie.' ~Cheryl R

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